Is the PET #1 plastic bottle BPA free and safe to refill?

Yes! All of the plastic we use for our Fred water flasks is PET #1 plastic, the most recyclable plastic in the world. It's also BPA (Bisphenol A) free, meaning it doesn't contain harmful chemicals that can deteriorate over time in other products. We encourage our customers to reuse their Fred water flasks as many times as they can. Plastic can be awesome if you take care of it and use it correctly. Check out our Bottle Care instructions to learn how to keep your bottle lasting a long time.

 What is the difference between the Full and Empty bottle?

Simply put, one is full and one is empty! Our Full Fred bottle is a BPA Free PET #1 plastic flask filled with natural spring water from our source in the New York state. The Empty Fred bottle is the same BPA free plastic, but sold empty and capped ready to be filled by the clean water source of your choice. We had a lot of customers who enjoyed the flask shaped bottle but didn't feel comfortable paying to ship water around the world. So we offered the Fred Empty as an eco-minded alternative. Each Empty Pack comes with extra caps to ensure a longer life for your bottle, plus some cool Fred stickers!

 What are the bottle's dimensions?

Our 13oz bottle is 1.75" x 3.3" x 7". Our 20oz bottle is 2" x 3.75" x 8". And our 33ox bottle is 3.25" x 2.6" x 11.5". Both the 13oz and 20oz fit comfortably in most pockets, but if you're wearing a particularly tight pair of pants the 13oz might be a safer bet.

 Where can I find Fred in a store near me?

If you'd like to find Fred in a brick and mortar store in your area, please consult our Store Finder . And remember we also offer free shipping on cases in 13 major cities!

 How can I get sponsored by Fred?

We get a lot of inquires about sponsorship and we're always happy to hear from young athletes, artists, and general fans of Fred. If you'd like to send us your info regarding sponsorship please email [email protected]. We may not get back to your right away, but know that we review all sponsorship requests and try to respond to them as quickly as possible.

 How can I get Fred at my event?

We love having Fred at events! It's a great excuse to party! If you'd like to purchase bulk Fred or you'd like to request a donation, send your info to [email protected]. We get a lot of requests for events so we might not get back to right away, but know that we've received your message and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

 Why is it named Fred?

We get this question A LOT, but we're always happy to answer. The truth is, we wanted to present water for what it is. Water isn't some exotic product from a far away land. It's not an elixir made from diamonds that will cure all your ails. It's water. It keeps you a live. And it should be with all the time. Like a friend. Like a friend named Fred, for example. Fred is water and water is Fred. Nice to meet you.