We started Fred because we love water, and we want to make it cool and easy for people to drink more water and less of the other junk. We put Fred water in flask-shaped bottles so it can go wherever you go, not to simply freak people out (though we do admit the freaking-people-out thing can be fun). And we designed our bottles to be both refillable and recyclable so they stay in use, not in the ground.


Refillable & recyclable

Sugar free


There has always been, and there always will be, more pockets than cup holders. Fred is designed to fit the former, so you can have water with you wherever you go. Inspired by the frontier flask, Fred's bottle is comfortable to hold and easy to slip into back pockets, jackets, handbags, backpacks and pretty much anything else that carries stuff. You will get disapproving looks from time to time, but that's just the price of being too smart to judge a book by its cover, or in Fred's case, a beverage by its bottle shape.
While our main objective is making it easier for people to drink more water, the environmental impact of plastic bottles does keep us awake at night. We believe that regularly reusing your Fred bottle is the best way to keep it out of a landfill or ocean. Fred bottles are designed to be reused — they're safe, sturdy, light, ergonomic and free of harmful BPA and phthalates. When you're done reusing your Fred bottle, recycle it; Fred is made from #1 PET plastic, the most widely recycled plastic in the world.
Big Sugar sucks. Not just because it contributes to the nation's staggering obesity problems, but because it hijacks water and turns it into a delivery system. Water is perfect as it is; why add junk to it? Big Sugar knows its product is both highly addictive and dangerous when over-consumed, and still it will do whatever it takes to get more people drinking more sugar. Check out the video we made on the topic.
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The best water in the world doesn't come from halfway around it. The water that flows through Fred's American mountain source is as pure and delicious as the water from a Nordic archipelago or rainforest volcano. And it does a lot less damage to the planet on its way to you. But if you still want people to assume your disposable income is spent on Chihuahua facials, then sure, reach for the imported stuff.
The Catskill Mountains of New York are like giant water purifiers, but with filters that last 600 million years. Fred's subterranean Catskill source keeps water at an optimally cold temperature of 41° F as it filters through prehistoric rock for 60 years. This filtration process removes nitrates (Fred has an amazingly low nitrate level of .005 mg/l) and leaves pure, natural H2O.
What makes Fred water so smooth? Well, chemistry, actually. Fred's unique combination of super low minerality (under 20 mg/l total dissolved solids), neutral 6.2-7 pH range, low in-ground temperature of 41°F and natural limestone filtration give it a smooth, clean taste that can only be described as "velvety." Actually, "silky" works pretty well too. "Velourish" is out of the question.
What happens to bottles when they're recycled? Unfortunately most become cheap, disposable products that quickly end up in the trash. Upcycling is like positive reincarnation; what starts as a bottle comes back as a something more valuable and durable, like a sweet Fred t-shirt. Purchasing upcycled goods creates demand for recycled plastic, which in turn creates new and more efficient recycling programs. It's the kind of thing that happens when used materials meet good Karma.


Mountain source

Velvety smooth